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Bay Windows are a popular design choice, because they provide a timeless appeal whilst enhancing both the interior and exterior of a property. They were originally designed to provide more light into a room than a flush window would. However, people now like them for the additional space they give inside a home, which can be turned into a feature, such as a seat or cushioned area.

Strictly speaking a ‘Bay’ window is 3 panes and a ‘Bow’ window is curved. However, the term ‘Bay Window’ has now become synonymous with the design we all know.

If you don’t already have a Bay Window we can create a roof and base for the opening so you can extend your living space outwards. (Incidentally, we can also do it in reverse if you have a Bay and would prefer a Flush).

You may have an older single glazed bay, in which case we can replace it with modern double glazing. These will look great and be thermally efficient. We can fit any window into a Bay, e.g. a casement or vertical slider to suit your preference. And our Bay’s can come in virtually any colour or with a variety of wood-grain foils.


  • Bay windows let in more light than a simple flush window
  • A Bay window can enable you to create a stunning interior design feature, such as a seated area or window sill.
  • We can convert a flat window into a Bay Window (and we can do it in reverse too).
  • Bay Window panes can have flat panes, fan lights, side opening or vertical sliders. Almost any combination is possible.
  • Although the most popular colour is white, just the same as our other windows, Bay windows can come in any colour or wood foil timber effect.

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Our Windows

Replacing your windows will make your home quieter, warmer and more secure and with great added value for your home

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Casement windows are strong and durable plus offer you maximum security, energy efficiency and noise reduction



Tilt & Turn have a dual opening mechanism for security, safety and easy access making them a highly versatile choice.



Combines the elegance of traditional sash windows with the benefits of modern materials requiring minimal maintenance.

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Bay windows allow more light into your room and can be made with a wide variety of glass, styles and colours.

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With their narrow frames, these strong and stylish frames allow the maximum amount of light in to your home.

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Timber windows can last a lifetime if maintained correctly and many would argue nothing compares to our hand-made wooden frames.

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