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Our composite doors come with a 10 point locking mechanism. The results is a very strong, secure door. However, they can have different locking mechanisms to suit your preference. This includes either a Lever Handle option or a Handleless option. Here we explain the different types of composite door locks.

Composite Door Locks

1. LEVER/LEVER LOCK – If you want to be able to go in and out of your door unhindered, then a lever/lever lock lets you access the property easily without a key until completely deadlocked. This kind of lock is usually fitted to a back door where there is less chance of unauthorised entry.

2. SPLIT SPINDLE LOCK – If you want to prevent access from the outside automatically, then a split spindle operation should fit the bill. With this lock, you can open the door and exit easily using the inside handle, but you’ll need a key to work the latch bolt and get back in. Most front doors are like this.

3. SLAM LOCK – For super-fast instantaneous locking, slam locks activate the lock hooks as soon as the door is closed – no need to lift the handle. You’ll need a key to open the door from the outside, as well as bolt the door from the inside. If safety is paramount and you want to secure the door in a hurry, then a slam lock is the best choice for you.

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