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New technology, or Smart Locks, is changing the way you can lock your door or allow entry to your home. The advantages are numerous, ranging from the fact you don’t need a key to making it easier to open your door, say, if you’re carrying bags or your hands are full.

The Yale Key Free system is opened using a fob, similar to the way cars doors now operate. Or a key pad can be used to enter a pincode, enabling you to open your door. This means you can’t be locked out due to losing your front door key!

Other technology means you can open your door without being in your home. Say a friend or relative arrives before you’ve left work. Or maybe an Amazon delivery driver wants to drop a parcel off – instead of leaving it outside they can now leave it inside. Elderly relatives and disabled people may also benefit, since reaching up and finding the keyhole to open the door is now longer necessary – click on the fob button and the door will click open.


  • Smart Locks mean you don’t have to carry sharp metal keys in your pocket. And, assuming you can remember your pincode, you’ll never be locked out!
  • A Smart Lock can be beneficial to elderly or disabled people who may have trouble finding or reaching the keyhole.
  • Some Smart Locks can be opened remotely when you’re not at home. They can be opened at a set time or for a restricted amount of time.
  • Smart Locks can be combined with cameras enabling you to see who is at the door and open it from wherever you are using an App on your phone.

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