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Composite Door

The rise in popularity of composite doors in Berkshire mirrors the trend across the United Kingdom. Over the last 5 years searches for “Composite Doors” has steadily increased in the UK, as this chart demonstrates:

Composite Doors Trend
Composite Doors Trend

‘Composite Doors Berkshire’ is also one of the most popular search terms leading to our website.

The reason is likely because more people are becoming aware of the benefits offered by these strong, durable front doors. We’re often asked why composite front doors are popular. Therefore, we’d like to list the main points:

Composite Door Benefits

  1. Composite doors are made from a PVC outer frame with galvanised steel reinforcement. They have a hardwood inner frame with an injected polyurethane foam core. As a result this makes them sturdy front doors and thermally efficient.
  2. the tough outer frame prevents warping during cold winters and hot summers,  Warping may cause the door to stick or create draughts.
  3. The PVC skin means low maintenance. No sanding or painting is required to keep the door looking good over many years.
  4. Their tough and durable construction means they have a long lifespan, with an average expectancy of 35 years. This increases their cost efficiency but importantly, reduces the environmental impact of the door.
  5. Due to these features our composite doors come with a 10 years guarantee that gives their owners peace of mind.
  6. The locks and cylinders are simple and quick to replace if things do go wrong.
  7. All composite doors are made to measure meaning they are the perfect fit for your home’s entrance.
  8. Composite doors in Berkshire come in a wide variety of designs, from the ‘classic cottage’ look to the contemporary ‘Italian’ and ‘French’ styles.
  9.  The glass in composite doors is made from laminated glass that means it will not fall out of the door if broken. It will shatter but stay in place.
  10. Composite doors typically come with a 10 point locking system as standard, making them extremely tough to break in to.

To discuss the many composite door benefits then please contact Twyford Windows. Alternatively you can use our Design A Door feature to create your own composite door and see the many options and styles available.

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Twyford Windows supply Composite Doors in Berkshire, Oxfordshire and throughout the wider RG10 area.

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