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When people search for ‘Windows Reading’ and visit our website, it’s difficult to know what they’re searching for. So here is a very quick guide to help you navigate:

The main questions to ask are:

  • Are you replacing one window, s selection or all windows?
  • Are you in a Conservation Area?
  • What style of window do your neighbours have?
  • Do you have children?
  • What style of house do you have? Do you prefer traditional or contemporary styles?
  • Do you want to maximise the view outside?
  • Are you aiming to fit the windows on a budget or make turn them into an investment?

These questions will have a baring on the type of window we recommend plus the end price.

The answers will be straightforward for many people. For instance, if all your neighbours have white PVC window frames, your home may look out of place if it’s the only one with dark wood timber frames. Of course, this may not bother you but it may have an effect if you want to sell your house in future.

If you have children, then remember that Child Safety Hinges are available that mean the opening is restricted to prevent them falling out.

To maximise the view may mean avoiding Georgian windows, that place bars across your view. Or you might consider Aluminium windows that have a narrow frame resulting in more light.

If you have a budget in mind (and let’s face it, most people do!) then remember windows are like most other products – there are ‘good’ windows and ‘premium’ windows (Bad windows are thankfully, a thing in the past as most manufacturers these days produce a decent quality). Premium PVC windows may be made from stronger materials, have steel reinforcements, stronger welds, higher quality insulation materials and better ventilation through the cavities in the frames. Similar to buying many other products, it can be worth investing in premium products.

Finally, timber window alternatives are rising in popularity as more people realise the timber foil used to achieve the natural grain effect is actually very good quality. Major advances in this area mean from a distance the PVC frame looks like timber, but with the low maintenance and cost benefits offered by PVC.

Windows Reading

Twyford Windows supply windows in Berkshire and Oxfordshire. If you are searching for ‘Windows Reading’ or ‘Double Glazing Reading’ then chances are, we are the right company for you 🙂

Our Windows

Replacing your windows will make your home quieter, warmer and more secure and with great added value for your home

casement-window-11 300px


Casement windows are strong and durable plus offer you maximum security, energy efficiency and noise reduction



Tilt & Turn have a dual opening mechanism for security, safety and easy access making them a highly versatile choice.



Combines the elegance of traditional sash windows with the benefits of modern materials requiring minimal maintenance.

Bay Window1


Bay windows allow more light into your room and can be made with a wide variety of glass, styles and colours.

aluminium window 1


With their narrow frames, these strong and stylish frames allow the maximum amount of light in to your home.

timber window 4


Timber windows can last a lifetime if maintained correctly and many would argue nothing compares to our hand-made wooden frames.

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